Tinh De lotus

When it comes to Vietnam National flower, lotus will be the first one to pop out your head as the flower symbolizes purity, elegance and beauty of the Vietnamese people. However, not many people know about a rare variety of lotus called “Tinh De” with very special shape: two flowers growing on the same stem. Enjoying the look of the flower, people may think of the image of a nice couple hanging on to each other and hence Tinh De Lotus is also called the flower of lovers.

The lotus has been existing in Vietnam for a long time but nobody knows exactly the time it dates back to. Perhaps due to its special shape and rareness, “Tinh De” is considered a good omen, bringing prosperity and wealth. In ancient time, it is usually chosen to dedicate to the king. The name “Tinh De” (dedicate to the king) is then given to the flower.

Beside unique shape, “Tinh De” also demonstrates beautiful cultural meanings. Connoisseurs of Vietnamese lotus also explain the name of Tinh De by analyzing the components of the word, which shows that Tinh De is symbol of purity and elegance.

A rare white Tinh De lotus.

The difference in shape makes the flower even more attractive. Tinh De lotus is related to a legend on a beautiful but sad love affair. It is told that once upon a time in Tanglian Village (China), there was a couple falling in love with each other since early age. When the two were mature enough for marriage, they were separated due to misunderstandings between the two families. As their wish could not come true, the couple vowed to finish their life together. They then hugged each other and jumped into the lotus pond seeking for death.

The two families buried the couple next to a lotus pond. Strangely, that night, there was extreme lightning and thunder following heavy rain. The next morning, a blooming lotus was seen heading towards their grave. The flower had strange shape: long stem with big sepal, on which there were one white and one red lotus leaning against each other tightly. People called it “couple lotus”, but later changed to “Tinh De”.

The two flowers bloom and wither at the same time

Tinh De is a rare variety of lotus only available in certain time of the year. Therefore, many photographers and flower lovers have to “hunt” for lotus season to enjoy its pure beauty. They have tracked down the flower from West Lake to Thuan Thanh (Bac Ninh) because it is said that these places often produces Tinh De lotus, giving them a mixed feeling of joy, sudden sadness and regret.