Vietnam’s Lunar New Year

Vietnam’s Lunar New Year

Although Vietnam’s Lunar New Year or Tet only lasts for 3 days, festive atmosphere can be felt half a month earlier as people are busy preparing for the festival. In Vietnam, Tet is an occasion for family reunions, a great time when family members gather for big meals praying for a happy new year, a time to see cheerful faces of children when they receive lucky money from their elders.

Many foreign tourists are impressed when enjoying the lunar new year in Vietnam. Streets are filled with flowers, lanterns and colorful light display. People greet each other with big smiles on their faces, exchanging the best wishes for the New Year.

Many foreigners love to go to the countryside of Vietnam to enjoy cozy atmosphere of local families celebrating their Tet holiday. Some like to walk around the streets of Hanoi to enjoy the flowers, some go to pagodas like Hanoi people do and some like to ask for good words from Confucian scholar on this special occasion. They immerse themselves in the traditional culture of Vietnamese people.

Some say that what impresses them the most about Tet in Vietnam is that everyone heads for home. No matter what job they do and wherever they are, people are looking forward to returning to their home in the New Year. Tet is the days of optimism and hope.

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