Hidden in the heart of the conserved Cong Do ( Red Tunnel) area, Thien Canh Son cave is an accessible dry caves in the Bai Tu Long Bay caves system. The whole area includes some 1,600 islands and islets, many of them also contain a little cave inside like a gorgeous pearl of the ocean. The entrance gate to that world is not always available: you can’t set foot in an underwater cave but that is why the rarer dry caves are there – to reveal to you the immense story about the core of Ha Long Bay‘s beauty.

The pathway to Thien Canh Son Cave goes as high as 400 step up, giving you a nice workout and also deliver a promise about the reward you will have at the top.The name says it all: a Mountain with the Heavenly Sight -a wild and mysterious beauty that was untouched for thousand years.

Once you are there, take some time to catch your breath and get yourself ready. After that small cave entrance, another world makes itself appear to your eyes: a strange beautiful world filled with images of a lotus, a monkey or the Statue of the Buddha. The ceiling is covered with many layers of the smooth and shiny limestone ‘carpet’; numerous of sparkling stalactites appear like many “hanging lamps”.  The stone statues, the stone elephants, a seal, the flowers – this dream liked world is a hidden charm of Ha Long Bay that asks for an adventurous heart and a beautiful mind to explore.

Walking out of the cave and take a deep breath of the rich salty ocean air, you will be stunned by the divine scenery of the Bai Tu Long Bay from above. The lush and diverse floras cover the rock island from the bottom to the top, giving you a cheerful tropical feeling and also some shade to enjoy the ocean breeze. Standing there facing the magnificent landscape that the Mother Nature created, you no longer question the meaning of your trip going to this corner of the world.