Royal lotus

In Vietnam, Royal lotus is of a very rare variety, which is planted by only a few lotus lovers and bonsai growers. The lotus is small with beautiful flowers, suitable for planting in various conditions such as in ponds, gardens, miniature living landscapes or indoor.

Royal lotus doesn’t require too much space, hence you don’t have to find a very large pot for it. The stem, leaf and flower of this variety are all small, not growing too tall and not occupying a lot of space. Despite modest size, the lotus itself is adorably beautiful. Each flower has a lot of petals laying in order so that every petal has room to shine. Royal lotus has two colors: pink and white serving for different preferences of lotus lovers. If you plant the flower with both colors, your garden will be more sparkling.

Pink royal lotus

The most notable feature of royal lotus is its unique pod. Unlike other lotuses with pods usually containing seeds inside, this variety of lotus is so special with big seeds protruding up high and separating from each other. The seeds are usually green with yellow or pink color on top, which creating a fancy look just like crane birds standing in the field. Royal lotus is not only admired for its beauty but also for its delighting aroma, spreading further in air than other types of lotus.