Imagine how exciting it is to get real close to the majestic limestone karsts of millions years old and to discover mysterious hidden corners of the legendary bay as you paddle slowly and leisurely around Ba Hang fishing village. Also, grab the chance to learn more about local fishermen’s way of life and engage yourself with vibrant Vietnamese culture. With professional instruction from our guide, your kayaking becomes an incredible experience you will remember for the rest of your life and beyond your expectation, our kayaking service is available at no extra cost!

Thien Cung cave

Discover a hidden gem of ha long bay lying beneath the luxuriance of tropical forest and the grandeur of stone cliff. Immerse yourself in a real heaven on earth while being overwhelmed by the splendor of sparkling stalagmites, stalactites in the shapes of giant lotus, baby elephant, seal and much more. Just like entering a magical world only appearing in fiction film, you will treasure every moment of it and even a blink will cause you a deep regret.

Cooking class

Have a good time with your beloved ones while getting a taste of traditional Vietnamese cuisine, one of the most varied and seductive on the planet. Learn more about local ingredients and flavors making the distinction of delicious spring rolls, best-known dish in Vietnam with expert guidance from our chefs. Earn yourself the master recipe and enjoy your final result!

Lotus tea 

What could be more enjoyable than sipping a cup of elegant lotus tea served with fine candied lotus seeds while being embraced by romantic and enchanting landscapes of the ancient bay? The quintessence gifts from Vietnamese culture will delight your taste buds with a flawless combination of subtle bitterness from tea and gracious sweetness from candied lotus seeds. Not only the taste, your sense of smell will be indulged with lovely sweet aroma of lotus tea as it is scented with luscious fragrance of pure lotus blossoms. Making a cup of noble lotus tea is also a work of art requiring skills to achieve its exquisite taste.  That’s why you need the help from our master who will deliver a beautiful demonstration on how the art is made. Come and experience, you will fall in love with every moment of it!